Book review -- Kung Fu Knits

There is a new book out which I've been asked to review. It's also a book that I tech edited. But in all honesty? Take those two things out of the picture and I still would want to review this book for you guys. It is that awesome. 

The book is Kung Fu Knits by Elizabeth Green Musselman

Kung Fu Knits is the first combined pattern book / comic book from designer Elizabeth Green Musselman of Dark Matter Knits. Whether your kid is a martial arts fan, loves certain turtles with ninja proclivities, or just enjoys some comic book action, you’ll find this story has wide-ranging appeal. Share the story with your favorite kid and prepare to be begged for every one of these knits.

I love this book. It's broken down into two parts -- a short little comic at the beginning telling the story of the knitwear, and then the patterns at the end. I think this is such a unique and innovative way to get your kids interested in having something knit for them. Of course now my kiddo wants everything in the book and I'm not sure he'd actually wear knitted pants (maybe I can find a cotton blend he'll like) but the point is, he loved it and was excited by it, and wanted to read it again. I only have the PDF version at the moment but am eagerly awaiting my hard copy. I can see us sitting through and reading it again and being inspired to write our own stories with our own knitted designs.

There are six patterns: jacket with belt, pants, bag, throwing stars, and nunchucks. Like I said, Leo wants them all. The sizing is ages 4-12 so definitely the option of making a size slightly too big and having growing room, which is awesome. They are clever but still totally enjoyable knits. The pants and jacket are seamless, which is my personal preference. I can't fault this book in anyway. It's perfect, I love it, and there better be sequels or there will be an angry mob of kung fu kids after Elizabeth. Guaranteed. 

Here's the other thing though -- not only did Elizabeth write this great book but she has lots of other designs for older kids. I have made a couple of them before and they are some of my favourite pieces. (Okay the Langstroth sweater was before it got felted it, but I haven't found a way to blame Elizabeth for that yet. I really need to make another one!) And very kindly she is offering you guys a code for 15% off her self-published patterns until the end of November. Just use the code kfklaunch at checkout. 

So, please do click through and give the book some love, her patterns some love and if you have kids to knit for buy this book, buy her patterns, you won't be disappointed. 

I'm leaving you with an audio review of the book by Leo (age 5):